Apprenticeship is a time-honored training system that involves a combination of classroom and hands-on training. It is an opportunity to earn while you learn. Apprenticeship training enhances your economic security. In the short term, you are assured of an increasing wage level through the term of the apprenticeship. Long term, an apprenticeship graduation will enhance your professional career opportunity and promotability. The Iron Working Trade has been in existence for decades. It is rich in tradition and heritage, where self-esteem is promoted.

NATURE OF WORK..  The work location is for the most part is on new construction projects, but does include performance of the same work operations in existing facilities when repair, renovation, alteration and major maintenance are involved. Work operations are performed for contractors and are of an intermittent nature, that is, on a project-to-project basis.

Most of the work operations are performed outside, under all conditions of weather, except when weather conditions jeopardize safety.

THE WORK INCLUDES..  Erection of structural steel, placement of reinforcing bars in concrete construction, machinery moving, rigging and erection of equipment, installation of miscellaneous fabricated building components, welding fabrication, ornamental, aluminum, sash, brass, bronze and plastic materials, work with metal to close tolerances.

TERM OF APPRENTICESHIP..  The term of apprenticeship shall be 4 years but not less than 6500 hours of reasonable continuous employment in an approved schedule of work experience. The first 1600 hours shall constitute the probationary period under this contract. Hours of labor shall be the same as established for other ironworkers.

There is 576 hours of paid related and a minimum of 300 hours of non-paid related classes required for completion of apprenticeship. Apprentices attend classes during the school year as directed by the Joint Apprenticeship Committee. Classes are held at area vocational technical colleges. Homework is assigned.

SELECTION OF APPRENTICES.. Applications for apprenticeship are accepted 2-3 times per year in person during an orientation session. Selection under this program is made on the basis of qualifications alone and all applicants will be afforded equal opportunity under these standards without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, sex or physical handicaps (except to the extent that such physical handicaps affect the applicant's qualifications for the trade).

Applicants must take and meet minimum requirements of an aptitude exam. Qualified applicants are then scheduled for an oral interview with the Joint Apprenticeship Committee. Applicants are scored on both the aptitude exam and interview. Qualified applicants are placed on a waiting list ranked according to their score. Qualified applicants are offered apprenticeships on an as needed basis.

CONTRACTED APPRENTICES.. are employed by contractors signatory to our collective bargaining agreement during the regular workday and are required to attend training classes. Benefits begin to accumulate on day one. Step increases in wages are given every 1000 hours of apprenticeship.


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